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Tinder Software Crashes, Removes Matches

Preferred dating app Tinder crashed on Thursday night, in front of a long trip week-end in america.

The Global company period stated that Tinder had crashed around 10:00pm Eastern time, and people were having difficulty retrieving their unique messages, getting in touch with their own fits plus logging in. Some customers reported losing their unique fits aswell. Consumers about Dating Sites ratings Forum additionally had problems with Tinder

Frustrated Tinder users voiced their own aggravation over social media, generating laughs about Tinder weak only if they got some matches, had been trying to get in touch with their times to generally meet, or downloaded current type of the software.

One individual joked:

“Tinder crashes earlier starts which describes my personal relationship ‪#tinder”

Tinder responded over social media marketing, acknowledging the problem:

“Some people have stated that the software is crashing on iOS. We’re considering it. Keep tuned in!

— Tinder (@Tinder) September 1, 2016″

The collision arrives at a negative time, as online dating app usage typically comes up during the weekend when individuals would like to meet, or maybe move away from a night out together eliminated incorrect to acquire some body brand new. Any occasion week-end is specially difficult, as chatting and activity are at a higher point.

In accordance with recent reports, Tinder features more than 50 million productive people just who check their account an average of 11 times every single day. Tinder consumers invest on average 90 moments every day on application.

The challenge seems to happen with mainly iOS users, though some problems happen reported for all utilizing Android os devices.

“i have been utilizing Tinder for a while now, but just starting these days the 2nd we start the application it crashes immediately. I currently reinstalled the software, upmillionaire date sitesd it and deterred my telephone. Some other ideas as to why this really is taking place?” complained a distraught Tinder user, as reported by Tech period.

Sadly, Tinder’s troubleshooting advice has a tendency to make the problem worse. For people who uninstalled following reinstalled the software, according to Tinder’s recommendation, if they tried to log in, the app over and over crashed. Some people missing the matches they’d if they utilized the newly put in adaptation, as well.

The trouble might be tied to current enhance for Tinder, that has been made available to people starting August 31st. Tinder hasn’t suggested the source on the issue, or that it is in some way linked to the newest upgrade, it is taking care of the situation.

In the meantime, Tinder users will have to examine different applications this Labor time week-end, and/or fulfill men and women the old-fashioned method: in-person. For more information on the matchmaking app you can check on our very own post on Tinder.

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