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Subaito carbon offsets program

We plant a tree for each baito completed

How does it work?

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Why a Carbon Offsets Program?

Have you ever heard the word ‘carbon offsets’ and wondered exactly what it meant? Is it good or bad?

Well, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see a future with a clean atmosphere. We as human beings take part in activities that harm the environment and if we don’t take action right now the damage will be irreversible. Constant carbon exposure leads to severe climate change, several diseases, and the loss of water and crops.

So we’re dedicated to offsetting our carbon footprint with every part-time job completed in the Subaito App.


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We Plant a tree  for every Baito

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When you hire a student in the Baito App, there is no additional cost to be part of our carbon offset program. We plant a tree once the student completes the job, representing your footprint on Earth and the eternal relationship between you and the student you hired.

This is your chance to help us plant as many trees as possible and contribute to the reforestation of the planet. By 2025, we plan to plant 1 million trees with our NGO partners all over the world and to further mobilize students and younger generations.

That’s because the younger generations are the heart of action and awareness when it comes to the challenges of reforestation. Unfortunately, deforestation is at an all-time high. Over the past 30 years, around 420 million ha of forests have been lost worldwide…that is like one football field disappearing every second. Trees are supposed to be our allies. We can do better.

Why Planting trees instead of other action ?

Climate change, soil erosion, destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity, and now pandemics…our society has created a world that we urgently need to restore. By planting trees, we provide a response that helps with a variety of crises we’re all facing. No matter if the crisis you’re facing is personal, economical, ecological, regional, national, or for the sake of others or even animals, together by planning a tree we can help make the world a better place.

Carbon offsets & preserving forests

Forests prevent global warming and climate change, as well as preserve water resources and land. All of these are critical if we want a future to look forward to. If we keep cutting down forests for urbanization, then we won’t have enough oxygen to survive. Several programs are working effortlessly to preserve our forests. Governments are slowly taking notice, so we need to take action.

Benefits of Planting Trees

We are the ones who need to care about the future of this world. By planting trees we can reduce the risk of flooding, promote outdoor activities that will increase our carbon offset and reduce the risk of obesity and other related conditions.

Trees are also a significant source of food for humans, such as apples, peaches, oranges, and nuts. It provides resources to the community to reduce hunger and provide food security to the less fortunate. Urban forests are also used to provide energy to nearby areas. Additionally, we’re bringing job opportunities for people to help us take care of the forests and hence improve economic and social growth.

Trees increase the carbon offsets

Trees increase our carbon offset opportunity and reduce air pollution significantly by reducing levels of carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, ozone, and other gases. By doing this, it reduces the rsk of bronchitis, asthma, and other neurodegenerative diseases. All of this combined reduces the mortality rate of individuals and creates a beautiful landscape for all of us to enjoy.

The majority of people living in cities combined with deforestation, this is starting to lead to barren communities where the well being of people is beginning to deteriorate. Forestation is crucial and finding ways to plant, maintain, and protect trees is a pressing need.

Risks for doing nothing

  1. during times of extreme hot weather we are more susceptible to skin and muscular diseases due to the increase of exposure to UV rays as a result of a depleted ozone layer.
  2. If we cut down trees, we’re taking away the home of animals and insects causing them to die or migrate into our own communities.
  3. Trees help maintain balance for the Earth. The fewer trees we have, the more prone we are to earthquakes and floods.
  4. Certain species of trees purify water, resulting in clean underground water. With a reduced number of trees, our water is more likely to be contaminated by harmful fuel residues that cause us to get sick.

We support researches related to

Carbon Offsets & reforestation

Carbon offsets as we know are certain measures that we can take in our lives or in a project to avoid or reduce the negative effects of carbon emission on our environment. Many researches and studies have shown the positive outcome of carbon offsets on our environment. A Research conducted as part of MIT’s Sustainability Lab Class and The Lab has also defined it as a way of reducing the greenhouse gases emission which are extremely harmful to the world. This also states the positive role of an offset in building the socio-economic development.

What tell researches ?

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The 3 Keys  with  Subaito Carbon

Offsets program


Nothing to pay

Our carbon offsets program is build on trust between you and the student. When you complete a baito (part time job) we automatically launch the process of planting a tree to compensate the carbon footprint due to the baito. So there is nothing to pay for planting a tree, it’s integrated automatically in our carbon offsets and carbon neutral process.


We work with local NGO

NGO are also part of our carbon offsets program. We work with local and independent organisations than have the knowledge of the area, what type of trees is used to the balance of the area and how it can help the local communities.


We focus on environmental and social impact

With Subaito carbon offsets program, in addition to planting trees, we help also local communities. In Senegal for example, we have a program of planting Moringa Stenopetala which has a positive impact on natural species balance but also give an economic advantage for the local population.

Our goal :  100% Carbon neutral

Every element of our life is co-related to our environment whether it is food, shelter, transport or fuel. The way we produce energy by burning fossils, coal, petrol or natural gas, we end up leaving a negative footprint on the planet by producing the greenhouse gases such as CO2, CFC, NOx, CH4 and O3. Carbon neutral is basically a way to lessen the negative impact of these gases and also reduces the emission of these gases to almost zero.

Now there are many steps which can be collectively taken part in to reach these results.


Carbon offsets & Mitigation

This is the first step in beginning carbon offsets practice. This process involves measures that reduce our energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of energy so that less energy is consumed which gives optimum results. This can only be done by bringing innovation in our techniques such as low carbon technology which can go a long way as well.


We need other forms of energy

We need to form ways to use energy from renewable sources instead of the fossil fuels which automatically reduces any future climate change. Renewable sources are ones which can be replenished by the nature itself due to the constant loop of reactions occurring infinitely on our earth. It includes wind, solar, hydro, biomass and geothermal energy. Using these sources such as solar thermal brings a drastic decline in the emission of greenhouse gases. Only when we are able to successfully reduce the greenhouse gases can we start on other offset methods.

How much carbon a US citizen produces?

Now you may be shocked to find out that while all the other countries in a world have a carbon footprint per person of 4 tons a year, a US citizen produces the highest footprint of 16 tons a year. How can carbon offsets becomes a reality if we want to decrease this in any way then we will need to start making small changes like using a bicycle instead of a car, taking less flights and using natural light in the day tie. If we collectively start doing all these then we are bound to get a carbon neutral surroundings.

Carbon offsets & climate change

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Let’s plant a Tree for every baito

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Many organizations all over the world are leading carbon offsets and tree planting campaigns. As a result of urbanization our cities now look like a barren land where there is no greenery anywhere in sight which is because we have cut up all the wood to burn for energy and also to build houses and populate the earth. Trees are important first for the aesthetic look of a place, the greenery and nature is extremely soothing to the eyes and also enhances the beauty of the place. On top of this they provide oxygen to us which is literally crucial for our survival.

We should stay focus on carbon offsets

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We care about students,

we care about the future

That’s why for every single baito completed , we plant a tree to offset your carbon footprint

Check our Carbon offsets program

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