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We improve students situations

Discover the driving force behind Subaito

Financial Stress Prevents

Students from Graduating

More than half of U.S. college students say they can no longer afford college tuition

It’s an endless, vicious cycle. Higher education is meant to be a way for students to unlock their dreams and help make the world a better place. But the financial stress of earning a degree is more than what students and their families can bear.

How can you achieve your dreams if you can’t afford a degree?

Yes, loans are always an option. But then students will spend the next 20+ years trying to pay off their college loans, preventing them from other life milestones, like purchasing a home or starting a family.

And the students who try to make ends meet while earning their degrees are literally living paycheck to paycheck or skipping meals so they can pay bills. Housing and food insecurity among college students is rapidly on the rise, nearly half of community college students do not have enough to eat.

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We created an app that helps

students’ improve their financial situations

An app built by students, for students with the following goals :


Equal opportunity for all students

Any student, no matter their background, history, ethnicity, or race, should have equal access to available part-time jobs (baitos), wherever, whenever.


More flexibility to earn money

We want student to stay focused on their studies and manage their time with minimal constraints. Subaito gives students 100% control of their own schedules and the flexibility to pick work that interests them.


Relief From Financial Stress

According to a recent survey, 7 out of 10 students said they feel stressed about their personal finances. Money is a sensitive topic, especially for college students. It’s a constant burden worrying about how to pay for school, so we created Subaito as a way to help bring relief from the financial stress.

For Students By Students

Subaito keeps Students from dropping out

The number one reason why students do not finish school is due to financial reasons. This could be for both high school and college. And some students would rather quit college than worry about the financial burden of loans. When students are not able to support themselves financially, the only option is to drop out of school and find work. Leaving all their hopes and dreams unfulfilled.

We created Subaito because as students we know first-hand the financial struggles of paying for school and the need for more flexible opportunities to earn money. Subaito allows students to find part-time work that fits within their schedules and earn money to help pay for school.

By providing flexible opportunities for students to earn money, higher education doesn’t have to be such the financial burden anymore.

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What is a baito ?

So let’s start your first “Baito”

Baito (バイト) is a Japanese word that means part-time jobs or casual work, usually by students or other young people who can’t work at a “real” full-time job yet.

Download the Subaito app and post your first baito! Pick the best service category for your part-time job, if it’s babysitting, pet sitting, virtual assistance, and more.

Once it’s published, available students will apply for your part-time job. They can even chat with you if they have any questions.

When there is a student you would like to hire, you can hire them with one click and that’s it. The student will show up in a matter of minutes at your place of work or remotely.

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Subaito-Part time jobs near me

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Student self serve

we care about the future

With our Student self serve program,

we plant a tree to offset your carbon footprint

Be part of our student self serve program

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