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Hire students for your part time jobs whenever, wherever.

Welcome to the first marketplace dedicated to Baitos : Part time jobs for students so they can earn money for achieving their dreams.

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Hire a student for your

part time jobs.

Find a part-time student or group of students to help you with your business. Virtual assistance, testing products or services, writing articles, distributing posters and flyers, managing social media, photography, and so much more!

If you need some additional help around the house, a part-time student is a great solution. Babysitting, tutoring, walking your pets, cleaning the house, washing dishes, watering your plants, helping with yard work, and anything else where you could use an extra pair of hands.

Any part time job you can imagine, there is a student who can help. Baito, also known as quick part time job, is a great way for you to get the assistance you need while helping students earn the much-needed cash to pay for school.

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Our aim is to support students

We care about Students.


Unfortunately, Financial Stress Prevents Students from Graduating.

More than half of college students can no longer afford college tuition. There are only so many scholarships available and while loans are an option, a student could spend countless years trying to climb out of college debt. A path to a better life can be found through higher education, but the financial stress of earning a degree keeps many students from pursuing their dreams. That’s why we created Subaito: an easy way for students to earn money through a part time job.

Read our cause

Subaito helps relieve students of their financial burdens.

Part-time-jobs-for-students-college-with-subaito App

Designed by students, for students, Subaito is the first mobile app dedicated to part time jobs for students.

We want to give students equal opportunity to earn money for their college tuition and other fees. This app is open to all students so if you have part time jobs the Subaito app is the perfect way to find the high-quality help you need.

Our students

With a massive community of students, you’ll find the right student for any part time jobs you need to fill. When you post your Baito (part time jobs), we’ll find the perfect student according to your requirements.

Using the Subaito App is a way for you to get your projects done and help a student finish school. And who knows…perhaps that student will go on and change the world! If you have part time jobs to fill, please download the Subaito app and publish your first Baito now!

according to your requirements!

What is a Baito ?

The essence of “Baito.

Baito (バイト) is  a Japanese word that means part time jobs or casual work, usually by students or other young people who can’t or won’t work at a “real” or full time job.

Subaito is an easy-to-use app where you can hire students for your baitos (part time jobs).

All what you need to do is to download the app, select the right student for your task and that’s it. A student will be in front of you or remotely within minutes.

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We plant a Tree for each Baito.

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Every time a student completes a Baito (part time jobs), we will plant a tree to help offset our carbon footprint. This is absolutely at no cost to you. Over the past 30 years, millions and millions of acres of forests have been lost worldwide. That is the same as one football field every second!

Together, we can implement one of the largest reforestation programs on the planet! By the year 2025, we plan to plant 1 million trees with our local NGO partners located all over the world so we have a better environment for many more younger generations to come.


Climate change, soil erosion, destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity, and now a pandemic, we need to act today to save our world.

By planting trees, we provide a simple yet effective response to face a multifaceted crisis. When you use Subaito, you’ll feel good knowing that not only are you helping a student achieve their dreams, but you’re also making sure there is still a world where dreams come true.

Plant a tree

Why do you need Subaito ?

When you are in a bind and need help right away, a student is only a click away with the Subaito app!


It’s fast and simple

One click from Subaito and you can have a student on the way! Even if you decide you need assistance at the last minute or in the middle of a big project.


It’s affordable

Students are willing to do the work for much less than hiring a full-time employee. Students are looking for ways to earn extra money to pay for school, so they are motivated to work hard.


It’s fun and safe

We only connect you with verified and trusted students. So instead of spending countless hours trying to find someone to trust and who fits your budget, you can find a student right away…all by using the app on your phone!

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A Student is just near you

Find a Student

near you.

It’s so easy! Just download the app, publish your Baitos (part time jobs), choose the right student, and assign the job immediately. That’s it!

The student will accept the part time job (we call them ‘missions’), and they will be at your place or begin working remotely within a few minutes.

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Don’t take our word for it.

See how people use Subaito fill their part time jobs.

“What a pleasure to use Subaito for my part time jobs! Students are Punctual, friendly and helpful. I’m glad I got to help Amanda the way she helped me”


“Antony did an outstanding job writing my articles. He got it done faster than I expected. I will use Subaito again for my next part time jobs”


Are your ready to hire students for your part time jobs ?

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