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Hey Students ! Find

Part Time jobs now.

If you’re in high school or college, find part-time jobs

to start earning money today.

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College student : Become a Baitor now

Access thousands of part time jobs near you or remotely and start earning money now!

Download Subaito

Become a Baitor in just 1 click !

1- Set Up your profile

Download the app, add your college, a brief description of yourself, and select the kind of part-time jobs you’d like to do!

2- Start accepting requests

People will send you a mission (part-time job) request. You decide to accept or deny the mission! You can also look at available part-time jobs and submit applications.

3- Chat to get more information

If there is a baito you’re interested in, you can start a conversation to learn more. That way you’ll be confident if this part-time job is a good fit and can complete it efficiently and effectively.

4- Complete your mission

Upon successful completion of your mission, you’ll receive payment in your bank account! It’s that simple. So accept your first mission today and become a Baito pro!

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Are you a high school or a college student ?

No need for a certificiate or diploma to find part-time work on Subaito! The Subaito app is all about flexibility. The part-time jobs posted on here are opportunities for you to earn money and remain the master of your own schedule. When you’re available, simply turn on the app and start accepting or declining missions.

Download Subaito
High school & College student : Become a Baitor now

Find thousands of Part Time Jobs in 2 clicks.

What kinds of opportunities are waiting for you ?


Work Remotely

If you are a high school or college student, you can also earn money remotely. This is perfect when you have time in between your studies. Possible remote opportunities could be tutoring children, writing articles, testing different products, being a virtual assistant, and so much more!


Work in your neighborhood

Your neighbors could always use a helping hand with projects around the house. Or perhaps you don’t mind babysitting a few hours a week. If it’s washing dishes, washing the car, watering plants, or helping with yard work, you can help your community and neighbors and earn money while you do it!


Work for professionals

You have a lot of amazing qualities that professionals need, if it’s writing, editing, photography, graphic design, social media management…the sky is the limit! All of these opportunities are waiting for you, all you need to do is accept the mission.

Discover Subaito

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What students say

Many students are already using Subaito and connecting with each other in the Subaito community! Become a Baitor today and join this growing community.

College student : Become a Baitor now

Join the thousands of Students who are using Subaito and earn money today!

Becoming a high school or college student Baitor is the best way to earn money to help save and pay for school.

What kind of missions (part-time jobs) are you interested in? You can mark specific opportunities and then get notified when they are available.

You remain control of your own schedule, so only accept missions when you’re ready. Complete the part-time jobs that you want, when you want, all while earning money for school.

Download Subaito

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