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Cuban Wedding Practices

With a rich history filled single cuban women with a mixture of many different civilizations, Cuba is no exemption when it comes to wedding party traditions. If you are planning the own https://snippetsofparis.com/french-women-history/ big day, or simply just curious about the ways in which different ethnicities celebrate love, there is lots to take in in terms of cuban wedding party traditions.

Like most Latin weddings, music is a huge area of the day. It’s not uncommon to hear a variety of types such as salsa and rumba played for a wedding. Additional traditions may include a money party which sees the wedding ceremony party and guests lavishing cash relating to the bride and groom because they dance. This is often a very thrilling memorable moment, and a great way pertaining to couples to help pay for their big event.


The bride also has a tendency to throw her bouquet during the reception as a sign of good luck for those who catch this. In addition to this, the couple will usually publish a unity candle through the ceremony.

It is not odd for the couple to offer each with their guests a small gift as a i want to thank attending their particular special day. Sometimes this is as handmade items such as Spanish hand supporters, or even pottery. If the funds enables, couples can also give out costlier gifts such as lighters.

Naturally , simply no wedding can be complete with out a appetizing feast! Typically there will be dishes such as roast pork and black espresso beans, sweet plantains and yuca fritters served to the friends.

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