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Let’s find a babysitter

in minutes now.

How can I find a Student as a babysitter near me?

Is that date night way overdue? Would you like to have lunch and do some shopping with your friends? Maybe you have a last-minute client to entertain for dinner? Maybe you don’t have time to take your kids to school. No matter the last-minute situation, you can find a babysitter nearby. Log into the Subaito App and hire a qualified, caring student to babysit your little ones. From reading stories, making art, and playing games, a student babysitter can be on their way to your location within minutes to entertain you children while you have a worry-free break.

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Designed by students, for students, Subaito is the first mobile app dedicated to part time jobs for students. We want to give students equal opportunity to earn money for their college tuition and other fees. This app is open to all students so if you have part time jobs the Subaito app is the perfect way to find the high-quality help you need.

With a massive community of students

You’ll find the right student for any part time jobs you need to fill. When you post your Baito (part time jobs), we’ll find the perfect student according to your requirements.

Using the Subaito App

is a way for you to get your projects done and help a student finish school. And who knows…perhaps that student will go on and change the world! If you have part time jobs to fill, please download the Subaito app and publish your first Baito now!

Why do you need Subaito ?

When you are in a bind and need help right away, a student is only a click away with the Subaito app!


It’s fast and simple

One click from Subaito and you can have a student on the way! Even if you decide you need assistance at the last minute or in the middle of a big project.


It’s affordable

Students are willing to do the work for much less than hiring a full-time employee. Students are looking for ways to earn extra money to pay for school, so they are motivated to work hard.


It’s fun and safe

We only connect you with verified and trusted students. So instead of spending countless hours trying to find someone to trust and who fits your budget, you can find a student right away…all by using the app on your phone!

A Student is just near you

How does Subaito work ?

student part time jobs
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student part time jobs-3
student part time jobs
student part time jobs

1- Download Subaito App

Download the app, a brief description of yourself, and select the kind of gigs or part-time jobs you’d like to offer!

2- Chat with the student

Upon successful completion of your mission, you’ll receive payment in your bank account! It’s that simple. So accept your first mission today and become a Baito pro!

3- Publish your babysitting needs to our students

There are 2 ways to find a student for your part time job : You can navigate through the map or use the filter section to find an available student in your neighbourhood, the second way is simply publish your offer, students will then apply to your offer and you just need to choose one of them.

4- Complete your baito

Follow the progress of your gig and continue chatting with the student at any time. Once your job is done, you can be able to leave a tip or simply a review to make the community more powerful !

Register now to download Subaito and start hiring students near you!

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Subaito keeps students from dropping out

The number one reason why students do not finish school is due to financial reasons. This could be for both high school and college. And some students would rather quit college than worry about the financial burden of loans. When students are not able to support themselves financially, the only option is to drop out of school and find work. Leaving all their hopes and dreams unfulfilled.

We created Subaito because as students we know first-hand the financial struggles of paying for school and the need for more flexible opportunities to earn money. Subaito allows students to find part-time work that fits within their schedules and earn money to help pay for school.

By providing flexible opportunities for students to earn money, higher education doesn’t have to be such the financial burden anymore.


Don’t take our word for it.

Many are already using Subaito and connecting with the Subaito student community! let’s join this growing community.

The essence of “Baito.

Baito (バイト) is  a Japanese word that means part time jobs or casual work, usually by students or other young people who can’t or won’t work at a “real” or full time job.

Subaito is an easy-to-use app where you can hire students for your baitos (part time jobs).

All what you need to do is to download the app, select the right student for your task and that’s it. A student will be in front of you or remotely within minutes.

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