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Why I Pursued a Master in Management On the Other Side of the World

It’s not uncommon to study a master’s degree that’s entirely different to your undergraduate degree – although it’s certainly a bold move. However, doing so is an opportunity to explore your interests and give yourself a wider range of career options later down the line.

After getting his Bachelor in Engineering in India, Sandeep Singh set his sights on France to pursue the Master in Management at Montpellier Business School. We spoke with Sandeep to find out more about what motivated him to leave the world of engineering and say hello to the world of management.

Switching gears

Management is a natural step for many engineers who want to move up and take on more responsibilities. Even so, such a transition is bound to be a pivotal point in any person’s career.

When it came to making the decision to go to business school, Sandeep considers his “curiosity to learn new things and explore opportunities” as the main motivator.

He said: “A master’s degree in a business-related field unfolds new career opportunities and helps you to stand out in a crowd. You also get the opportunity to make your network stronger by meeting people from all around the world.”

In a world where globalization and novel technologies take center stage, Sandeep recognizes the importance of having a deeper understanding of this along with the “international exposure to cope with the new industrial needs.”

Finding the perfect fit

Researching schools and programs while also taking into account their worldwide ranking, academic and alumni engagement is something Sandeep made sure to consider carefully when it came to making his decision.

So why France, in particular?

“The French education system is one of the best in the world and its business schools are recognized worldwide,” he said. “The Master in Management is one of the famous degrees offered in France. It’s very flexible and open to students from all background of studies.

“France has an excellent cultural atmosphere and highly developed commercial sector industries. It excels in management along with areas of scientific and technological advancement.

“Apart from this, the city where the school is based also plays an important role. As in my case, Montpellier is one of the safest cities and is budget-friendly.

Making the 7,000km move

Sandeep knew that the decision to move half way around the world to pursue his studies wasn’t going to be easy, but he knew he wasn’t going to let such an opportunity slip through his fingers: “Moving to a new country with a different culture is a tough decision to make. On the other hand, I was very excited to have this new experience. My first impressions were how beautiful it was here!”

While he had some difficulties with French cuisine, Sandeep took it as another opportunity to embrace the culture and better his culinary knowledge and skills.

And when it came to getting used to a new academic culture, it took a few days to adjust but fortunately help was on hand.

Montpellier Business School guided me with a lot of the administrative work like health insurance, opening a bank account, and they also offered basic French language courses,” Sandeep said.

Engineering undergraduate turned Master in Management student

With an engineering background in tow, there was still a lot for Sandeep to learn and get to grips with – especially when it came to his managerial skillset.

“The course is designed in such a way that I have been able to learn practical knowledge along with the theoretical. Working on case studies and projects from leading companies helped me to understand real-life situations which a manager may face. I feel very confident about my managerial skills now.

“One of the best parts of the school is the diversity of students. It gave me an opportunity to make a lot of friends from all around the world.”

In between studying, group presentations and assignment writing, Sandeep works as an International Admission Assistant intern at the school where he assists with international promotions.

“I have been doing the job for about five months now and by the end of it, I’m confident that I’ll be able to achieve my future goal as a business developer. I always feel motivated to think out of the box,” he said.

Sandeep credits his time at Montpellier Business School helping him discover his leadership quality, teamwork skills and diversity management, along with realizing his interest in strategical analysis – attributes that will all be worthwhile later down the line in his career.

Speaking of which…

Looking to the future

With a Master in Management in hand, a new skillset added to his arsenal, refined global perspective, a thriving professional network and opportunities to meet and work with professionals from other backgrounds and cultures, Sandeep is confident the last two years have been more than worthwhile.

Looking ahead, he hopes to kick things off by working as a business developer and then eventually become his own boss and have his own startup venture.

“I studied engineering as my undergraduate and in today’s world, I feel that the knowledge of engineering and then management makes a unique combination, and will increase my market worth leading to lots of opportunities,” he said.

Lead image credit: Argash’s Photography