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Top Part Time Jobs for Teenagers

Part time jobs for teens may be the first step into the real word. Many parents and primary custodians agree that one of the initial objectives of raising a kid is preparing them for the practical world and putting some sense into the teens about part time jobs. Every family has its own values, traditions, and rules that it passes on to its children. Some value respect, some value empathy and others value kindness.

Regardless of what a family’s traditional and moral code is, every parent wants to put some work ethic into their kids, not out of compulsion but out of concern.

Part time jobs for teens

The obstinate world of Covid-19 has soiled the peaceful tenderness of our lives. There are many mysterious factors about what the world will appear in post-pandemic, but we can be assured of one thing, and life is not going to be the same as it used to be. The increased unemployment and financial crises reluctantly lead everyone to bear their expenses, especially teens.

Top 5 Easy part time jobs for teens

Working for teenagers from a young age can be very advantageous. Having particular chores around the home, dog walking, and babysitting, car washing, and tutoring young students are the most palpable ways to develop work ethic from a very young age. Here’s a list of five easy part-time jobs that every teenager can do effortlessly.

Part time jobs for teens n° 1:  Street marketing:

Street marketing involves a group of people who came out on the streets to advertise a product or service with a few goals or ambitions. Street marketing is an amazing and easiest part-time job for teens as it includes more coordination with other people, which eventually develop the quality of being cordial with others.



Part time jobs for teens n°2 : Pet sitting or Pet walking:

Any teenager who is a pet lover and wants to make some fruitful money out of it might be excited to take a pet walking job. It is a great option to appraise since children under 15 have limited job opportunities. This part-time job would be great for the kid as it’ll provide relief from the studies and pays a good amount.

The pet caregiver might become a veterinarian, run a productive business venture, and open up an animal shelter.

Part time jobs for teens n°3 : Baby Sitting

Babysitting is a great job for teens, especially those who love babies and toddlers. When you’re in charge of babies and toddlers, you reflexively learn to take care of others and a life skill as well.

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Part time jobs for teens n°4 : Car washing

For teenagers who are young to work in a restaurant or for a retailer, a car washing part-time job would be a great income source. The job doesn’t only pay you money but also develop a sense of responsibility in you.

Part time jobs for teens n°5 Cleaning :

When there’s nothing productive to do, there comes the cleaning job. The cleaning job for teens is a great way to make them learn tidiness and cleanness. This way, they also get paid enough to bear their everyday expenses.


Top 5 jobs that require no experience but pay well

It’s great for teens to get a part-time job, as long as it’s not affecting their grades. Teenagers with no experience can also apply for a few jobs, and that is as follows:

Part time jobs for teens n° 1 Countryside Laborer:

Average salary $13.60 per hour.

Countryside labour can carry out many duties, from watering the garden to mowing the lawn and pulling out weeds. Teens with no experience can apply for this job as it is a very facile task to do, and it pays off well.

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Part time jobs for teens n°2 : Lifeguard:

Average salary $11.80 per hour.

A teenager can easily do the job of a lifeguard with no experience. All he has to do is stand near the artificial water, for instance, a swimming pool or ocean. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and security rules.

Part time jobs for teens n°3 : Caddy:

Average salary: $11.00-$15.00 per hour.

The primary duties involve facile tasks like carrying golf-bags, measuring yardages and cleaning the golf balls. If you enjoy playing golf, then it won’t be complicated for you to understand the duties.


Part time jobs for teens n°4 :  Waiters/Servers:

Average salary $11.40 per hour.

Servers work in a restaurant or bars. They are responsible for taking the client’s order, transferring the orders to the kitchen and handling the desired food. This part-time job is great for teenagers as they are slightly more active instead of the aged ones.

Part time jobs for teens n°5 : Sales representatives

Average salary $11.00 per hour.

Working as a sale representative in a store would be a great way to earn, especially for an inexperienced teenager. The responsibilities are uncomplicated and include the assistance of the customers who want to make purchases.


Top 5 High paying jobs for high-school students

Not every job requires a bachelor’s degree. There are numerous reasons why a teenager might want to work, whether to earn to bear regular expenditures or to pay the educational fee. In this guide, we’ll list a few high paying part-time jobs for teenagers.

Part time jobs for teens n°1 Cashier’s job:

Average salary $10.55 per hour.

One of the highly paid part-time jobs for teenagers is being a cashier. A cashier duty involves ringing up the client’s product and uttering the check-out process. The job is a great opportunity for teens to earn high in a short time.


Part time jobs for teens n°2  : Retail Merchandiser:

Average salary $13.00 per hour.

The second best part-time job can be a retail merchandiser. All they have to do is to work in a store and sell their products.


Part time jobs for teens n°3 : High-school Sports referee

Average salary: $16.00 per hour

A high-school sports referee supervises the game between the sports team. The part-time job as a referee can be a wonderful discovery for teenagers. It not just pays well but also keeps the referee physically fit.

Part time jobs for teens n° 4 : Delivery Person

Average salary $16.80 per hour.

A delivery person is responsible for delivering the orders to the clients. It is a good opportunity for teens to work as a part-time employee.


Part time jobs for teens n° 5 : Primary tutor

Average salary $21.30 per hour.

The responsibilities of a teenager tutor include looking for the students, researching the topics and teach them according to their standards. The tutoring job pays very well, so the scope for teens in this job is extremely high.

Top 5 Part time jobs for 16 years old teenagers

Many countries have child-work laws that permit teens under 16, intending to motivate teens for part time jobs and studies. However, many teens jumped into the race of finding jobs to lessen the burden of their parents. Here’s a list of jobs that you can do as a 16 years old teenager.


1- Part-time Dishwasher Job:

It doesn’t sound like the bests of jobs but, as a dishwasher, you’ll offer an essential part of the operations of a restaurant. Furthermore, the job is super easy for a teenager.

2- Part-time Busser job:

As discussed above, the job of a busser is similar to the dishwasher, but you’ll be able to connect more with the restaurant sponsor.


3- Library attendant:

As a library attendant, a teenager will become more punctual and organized. The duty of an attendant involves the setting of the books on the shelves and decorates the display for the customers.

4- Gift Wrapper job:

Remarkably, it is the most creative retail job available. It is a great part-time job for a teenager because it pays off well and enhances the mind’s creativity.


5- Typist:

Last but not least, the typist job is of immense importance, and also, it pays a lot more than the other part time jobs, especially for a teenager. Typists are extremely valuable in interpreting interviews and meetings.

How Subaito App can help to find the right Part Time Jobs

Subaito is a platform that gathers a huge student community and provides them with opportunities to earn. Here’s a list of benefits that subaito provides to youth:

  1. Aid you Remotely:

Instead of hiring professionals, subaito.com opts for the students that struggle to pay their college debts. You can find work and earn money according to your feasibility and availability, not reluctantly. Their tasks include babysitting, cashier, flyer, cleaning, pet sitting, and the list goes on.

  1. Provide help in your living area:

No matter if you’re Pet walking for 1 or 2 hours, cleaning dishes, taking care of someone’s baby, washing the car or watering plants. Share your schedule with the community about the part time job you can do and be available for your next mission.

  1. Bring Professionalism:

You must never be hesitant to apply for any job, even if it looks difficult at first. Applying to any job will enhance your confidence, and subaito is made to bring confidence to the students.

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How to Apply for part time jobs in Subaito App ?

A last word

However, it can be hard for teenagers to juggle their studies with extracurricular activities and an ongoing job. It is essential to provide them with an adequate amount of sleep and a peaceful environment to concentrate on their studies. With the accurate balance of the delightful blend of studies and work, a child can effortlessly realize its potential in future.