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The most fun Part Time Jobs ever

There are numerous reasons to work part-time, from having a fun part time jobs  to having more spare time to stay involved with fellow employees. Fun part time jobs can be distinctive from a usual eight-hour job and can throw up some complications and challenges. While the myth says that part-time jobs offer more freedom, others say it is unpredictable.

With growing inflation, the demand for fun part time jobs is emerging, especially for the students and teenagers who find it hard to pay their educational and other expenses. However, the dynamics of society has been changed because nowadays a lot of part-time job opportunities have been originated for the students.

Is it easy to find fun part time jobs ?

A little humour is necessary to light up the work environment; however, everyone knows that it is simpler said than done. A lot simpler, even the best fun Part Time Jobs on earth contains grind days or weeks. Admitting this reality means embracing the fact that bringing fun and enjoyment to all jobs is critical. Sharing exuberant joy means introducing fun things into your job regardless of your role or industry.

Investing time into searching for more enjoyable part-time jobs, but what actually compose a fun job? For some people working as a babysitter or gardener brings joy, while others would rather be a freelancer or a receptionist. Other things that bring humour to a job is a flexible schedule and a profitable income.

Top 5 fun part time jobs for college students 

College is an amazing time for students. From making unforgettable memories with friends to the growing inflammation, educational expenses are increasing. Perhaps every student should opt for part-time jobs that are less demanding but good enough to take care of their occasional expenses. While researching for part-time jobs, select the ones which can boost up your mood with joy.

1- Brand Ambassador:

Fun part time jobs n°1 : If you find yourself cordial, enthusiastic and confident enough to represent a brand, then this job is for you. Brand ambassadors are responsible for communicating with the audience, arranging give-away, and sharing beneficial products with potential customers.

Average Salary: $19-$21 per hour.

brand ambassador jobs- with subaito


2- Library Monitor:

Fun part time jobs n°2 : Whether it’s in the classroom or the library, a monitor is responsible for maintaining discipline and order. The part time job is relaxing and enjoyable, especially for prioritizing discipline and implementing it on others. The job requirements include good communication and management skills.

Average Salary: $14-$15 per hour.

3- Data Entry:

Fun part time jobs n°3 :  Another fun part time job for a student is data entry; it can be done online or on-site. You are required to type quickly and accurately. However, you’ll need to specialize in certain skills, such as knowledge of medical or legal terminology.

Average salary: $15-$20 per hour.


4- Freelancing:

Fun part time jobs n°4 : Another feasible part time job for college students is freelancing. Freelancing is a great way to utilize your specializations to boost your earnings. Freelancing provides an opportunity to become your own boss; you can work as much or as little, as per your convenience.

Average salary: $28-$30 per hour.

5- Social media manager:

Fun part time jobs n°5 : If you’re one of those people who can’t stay away from social media, you can put it to profitable use and get paid for utilizing your social media skills. Small and large scale brands need assistance to promote their services and products.

Average salary: $16-$17 per hour.

subaito-social media manager part time jobs


Top 5 fun part time jobs for college teenagers

Since teenagers usually have college obligations for the majority of the week, part-time jobs can be an escape from the hectic routine. Fortunately, there are plenty of part-time jobs available for teenagers that require little or no experience.

1- Customer Executive:

If you’re good at helping people, tackling problems and solving issues, a part time job in customer service is worth considering. There are plenty of roles available for a customer executive job, and many of them involve online projects so that you can work from home as well. The job schedule is flexible, so you easily manage it after college.

Average Salary: $16-$18 per hour.


Part time jobs subaito-product-tester-jobs-four
Part time jobs subaito

2- Appointment manager:

If you have good communication skills, you can work as a part-time appointment manager. You’ll be setting up appointments of brand owners, either in person or on the call. You may need to call potential customers or following up with the leads generated by the brands.

Average salary: $13-$15 per hour.

3- Delivery Man:

A part time job that teenagers can easily do is to become deliveryman. A Deliveryman picks up various food products, flowers, grocery packages, and delivers them to specific locations. They are responsible to safely deliver the packages or food items without damaging the products inside.

Average Salary: $16-$20 per hour.


4- Web Designing:  

Web designers work to design and build and raise improvements to websites. Primarily, they need to understand the client’s requirements and ambitions towards their websites. Accordingly, they utilize the information to complete the job. Web designers are allowed either to work for a company or individually.

Average salary: $21-$25 per hour.

5- Babysitter:

Another enjoyable part time job is the job of a babysitter. Usually, babysitters are responsible for planning schemes for the children and supervising them while doing their activities. Having younger siblings at home and knowing how to handle them would make a perfect part-time babysitting job.

Average salary: $7-$8 per hour.

subaito subaito- Babysitter Near Me STUDENTS-NANNY-SERVICES-four

5 most well paid part time jobs

There are various companies available that hire teenagers for part-time jobs. Whether for seasonal assistance during the hectic months or routine assistance, companies opt for specialized teenagers. Here’s a list of highly paid part-time jobs.

1- Accountants:

Accountants are responsible for the preparation and analyses of financial records, bills and taxes. Additionally, from maintenance to the monitoring of financial operations, accountants ensure the company’s financial condition.

Average salary: $30-$300 per hour.


subaito- content creator

2- Editor or Proofreader:

There are numerous part-time job opportunities for teenagers who love to write. Proofreaders will plan, coordinate and review the content for the publication in newspapers, magazines, books and beyond.

Average salary: $46-$50 per hour.

3- Graphic designers:

One of our best fun part time jobs is graphic designers. They are responsible for working in programs like Adobe Photoshop to create graphics for various tasks, including custom logos, font types, email templates, website layouts, and all forms of advertisement.

Average salary: $15-$50 per hour.



4- Copywriters:

Copywriters create content for a wide range of publications, including books, websites, magazines, advertisements and movie scripts. Being a highly paid part-time job, companies initially made a contract with the employees. They can be part of a team, or they can work individually, as per their will.

Average salary: $70-$100 per hour.

5- Receptionist:

And the last fun part time jobs : The duties of a receptionist include answering phone calls, checking the emails, setting an appointment with the client and keeping the information record. To apply for a part-time receptionist job, you must be having good communication and verbal skills.

Average salary: $13-$20 per hour.


Fun part time jobs on Subaito for students and teenagers:

Students or teenagers searching for potential part-time jobs can connect with Subaito.com. It is an application that meets two ends by connecting students to part-time jobs that provide joy and a profitable side income.

Whether you want to do regular tasks or you want to work occasionally, Subaito gathers a huge client community who are ready to outsource their responsibilities for a few bucks. In exchange for the task, you will be able to pay the college dues.

The customizable app provides several part-time jobs as compared to other ones. Here’s a list of available Fun part time jobs at Subaito.

  1. Receptionist.
  2. Calls receiver.
  3. Cashier.
  4. Flyer distributor.
  5. Babysitting.
  6. Pet sitting.
  7. Product tester.
  8. Cleaner.
  9. Car washer.
  10. House caretaker.

How Subaito App can help to find the right Part Time Jobs

Subaito is a platform that gathers a huge student community and provides them with opportunities to earn. Here’s a list of benefits that subaito provides to youth:

1- Aid you Remotely:

Instead of hiring professionals, subaito opts for the students that struggle to pay their college debts. You can find work and earn money according to your feasibility and availability, not reluctantly. Their tasks include babysitting, cashier, flyer, cleaning, pet sitting, and the list goes on.

2- Provide help in your living area:

No matter if you’re Pet walking for 1 or 2 hours, cleaning dishes, taking care of someone’s baby, washing the car or watering plants. Share your schedule with the community about the part-time job you can do and be available for your next mission.

3- Bring Professionalism:

You must never be hesitant to apply for any job, even if it looks difficult at first. Applying to any job will enhance your confidence, and subaito is made to bring confidence to the students.

A last word

With a large number of Fun part time jobs , Subaito aims to create easy access for the students to connect with such part-time jobs that provide fun to their lives and make them responsible enough to bear the expenses.