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How much do movers cost?

If you are shifting to your new home and you are going to hire movers for this purpose. You should know about the cost of movers before going to hire professional movers. The professional mover’s cost depends upon their services mostly it depends on the following. So, how much do movers cost?

Distance of move

The cost of movers depends upon the distance. If you are shifting locally, it will cost low because it will take less time and goods are easily moved whereas if you are shifting to some other state then it will cost more due to long-distance and other expenses are added in it.

Size of move

The cost to move from one home to another depends upon the size of household items and the house you are moving to. Small houses with one-bedroom costs less than the house with more bedrooms and items.

Moving date and time of year

Moving date and time of year has an impact on the cost. Select date in the middle of month or week for moving as in these days moving companies have less work than weekends. It will help you to save your money.


There are some services which are provided bythe companies and will add in the cost. These includepacking services, crating fragile items, piano, hot tubs, safes etc.

How much do movers cost for a one-bedroom apartment?

Moving cost ranges differ depending upon the bulk of work, distance and labor services. if you are moving locally, it will charge according to the hour.  The average per hour rate is 100$ and mostly one-bedroom shift will take four to five hours, it will cost 400$ to 500$ for one labor.

Again, it will depend upon the services you are getting and will add up in the cost.

What is the average cost move a 3-bedroom house?

The average cost of moving a 3-bedroom house will be between 2500$ to 10300$. It will increase or decrease upon the services. A 3-bedroom house contains more furniture and household items that’s why it charges more.

As much as the person should be swift, he should also be able to do it efficiently. Each package has to be delivered accurately, and for this to happen, a package handler should have a keen eye, which sees every detail at a fast pace.

Is it cheaper to hire movers or rent a truck?

It is cheaper to rent a truck for moving than hiring professional movers. It depends upon your financial and personal status. It will be easier for a student or single person to move than a full family. It is due to household material and belongings which add up more cost such as the furniture and other things.

Renting a truck is not as much cheaper as you think but it will be less costly than certain moving companies will average costs 120$ to 200$ for a local move and 1500$ to 2300$ for a long-distance move.The renting companies will charge you according to the travelling mileage if you are moving long-distance don’t get the mileage charging package.

You have to fill the fuel of the truck and it will add more cost to your move. If you are driving by yourself, it will save the cost of the driver.

Movers charge 550$ to 2000$ for the local move whereas for a long-distance move they will charge 2000$ to 7500$ and the overall charge for services will be up to 1200$.

Renting a truck will be cheaper but it will be less convenient and hectic for you because you have to do work such as packing, loading and driving etc.

How many movers cost on Reddit?

The movers cost the same on Reddit as other moving companies and are according to the same criteria distance, material, time and date but the advantage is you can get the idea of services and price from the comments of clients. In this way, you can choose the services which are affordable and cheap for you. You have to post there and people will give you suggestion and also tell you about the discounts some companies are providing etc.

How much you have to pay if you hire movers with subaito?

You have to pay minimal if you are using subaito for moving. First of all, you have to know about subaito and how it is working. Subaito is a mobile app that gathers a huge community of students that needs part-time jobs. These students can do any task and help you in your daily tasks in the same way as any professional can do.

You can hire students to help you in moving to your new home, it will be very easy convenient and financially good. The students can do the same task in less money and time than the professional movers and the services are also reliable.  If you hire movers from subaito you will get the following benefits


Subaito is very customizable and provides five-star services on a limited budget. If you have less finance for moving then you should try subaito. you can save your money and get your work done.

Easy to use

Subaito is an online app and you don’t have to visit any office or do any paperwork for hire. You just go to the ap select relevant services and hire the student that is appropriate for you.

Save time

As everything is done online at subaito it will save your time that you will spend in finding the required services.


It is very convenient for everyone you hire students from subaito and they will do your work as you have explained to them. It will be done immediately without any delay.


How much do movers cost near me?

The average cost of a mover per hour is 100$ but it varies according to the places.Some areas have fewer moving companies and at that place, the rates are high than average.It’s upon you and the area where you are shifting to sand from which will decide the cost of services.A local move is cheap and easy than of state or far of state move.The moving cost is estimated by the services you avail from the moving companies.For a 2 to 3-bedroom move, the local move cost 1250$ average whereas the far of move or long-distance move about 1000miles will cost almost 4890$.These are the estimates and more amount is added or reduced depending upon the material you are moving.

You can also estimate your moving cost by yourself by adding the amount charged for the services you need or you can use online sites for the estimation. You can contact the moving companies and ask them for the moving estimates. Follow the rule of three and get estimates from at least three moving companies. You can get the idea of the cost of moving near you by this and then select the one that is suitable for you and you can manage your finance and convenience according to that. The moving cost includes the following expenses you can adjust these according to your budget.

Size of the moving material

The cost of move highly depends upon the size of your move. If you are moving all the items of your house and results ina 2 to 3-bedroom move, it will increase the expenses of your move. The shipping charges for a long-distance move of heavy material will increase the moving cost. The simple rule is more you move more you have to pay.

Travel fees and fuel charges

Moving cost include the travel fees and fuel charges in case of a long-distance move. It includes the charges of the labourers and the time that is invested in the move.

Packing services

The packing of the material of your home is done by the moving companies if you pay them. But if you have enough time and able to pack your belongings you can do it by yourself and the cost of your move is reduced. Many people with low moving finance do it by themselves.

Moving date and time

The moving cost is affected by the date and time of the move. When you decide to move it’s important to select the date and time because the moving cost is high in the moving season or at the weekend and end of the month.

Moving supplies

Moving cost includes the expenses of the supplies required in the moving like boxes and containers for packing etc.


Moving companies charge for the protection of your material. It is very important to get liability coverage. Companies offer different sort of protection you have to select according to your requirement. Also, get third-party insurance because you are going to handover your expensive items, you need to ensure their safety and protection.

Other extra services

Moving companies offer services such as storage of material in case of a complicated move. The disassembling and reassembling of furniture etc.

Last words

Movers are expensive but they are very convenient for moving from one place to other. You hire them and they will manage everything about moving. If you don’t have enough money and want to get convenient and cheap services, you can use subaito and get these services on a low budget.


Are you a student ? See how Subaito App can help you get cash immediately with part time jobs ?

Subaito is a digitalised mobile application that permits every student and teenager to find part time jobs from home on the platform, whatever the race, religion, caste, culture and believes they carry. Sometimes, parents couldn’t afford their children’s educational expenses; Subaito aims to support all of them by diminishing the stress level to find a part time job anywhere and anytime. Subaito app is responsible for sending a reminder to the clients after the job completion, so the workers get their pay within 24 hours. The clients decide the payment method; either they’ll pay in cash or through the bank.

Why you should consider Subaito App ?

Here’s a list of benefits that Subaito provides and why students consider the app while looking for a part time jobs from home.

  1. The process of Subaito is very immediate. If a student seeks a job instantly, the application provides quick communication with the client.
  2. com is utterly customisable. That’s something you can’t find anywhere else.
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How Subaito App provides more part time jobs ?

Subaito App is a digitalised mobile platform that works primarily to provide part time jobs from home  to such students who are in instant need of a job. The platform prioritises students and teenagers who are unable to bear their educational and occasional expenses. Subaito App provides less stressful and enjoyable part time jobs, which anyone can easily do within a few hours. The platform has easy access for the clients to connect with the workers and immediately hire them for the work. After completing the task, Subaito App sends a reminder to the client to pay the worker for the services, and after that payment is being made, both of the parties’ part their ways on cordial terms.

You are a student ?

I’m looking for part time jobs! In this way, if you are a student Subaito App provides a safe and enjoyable medium to work part time on easy jobs without any stress.

Students opt for part time jobs at Subaito App to pay off their debts. The platform is customisable and provides feasible jobs, including UPS package handler, per grooming, cashier, flyer distributor, car washing, house cleaning, receptionist, and product tester. With all these flexible jobs that Subaito App is truly a saviour for those searching for such jobs.

Why Subaito is the perfect place to find a student for part time jobs ?

Subaito App is just not just an app that we design, we are developing an idea, we want to help our students.

Students are the strength of any country and we want to become the strength of students. Subaito App initialised for sake of students. Since we develop Subaito app we are trying to assemble students on this platform which we specially design for them and it is the perfect place to find a student for a part time job because we have a complete procedure of registering any student, we verify their identity, then we refer him/her to others to give their services for a potential part time jobs .


Subaito is the perfect alternative for part time jobs than Craigslist

Above you read many times Subaito App. Now it’s time to give you a brief intro of this remarkable and easy-to-use app. Through this app, you can achieve your required services at cheap rates as we manage a setup where all the students related to all fields are here. All the students here are trustable we verified all students before registering them on our yours subaito.

So there is no need to worry about any fraud or services. Everything is here is legit. You just ask your service to select available students and that is it!

Yes, it is very easy to use just as 1 2 3.

Use Subaito

And if you say, why Subaito is better than craigslist for part time jobs from home alternative then the answer is : this app was designed to keep in mind that we empower students and enhance their abilities and give them experience through providing them jobs related to their niche. The students surely are full of enthusiasm, courageous, passionate about their task, and pay their services with loyalty. All these things make a perfect match which perhaps you looking for and the best part of it that you will get your desired services at cheap rates and instantly as you can find easily a part time job.

Save your time & money

So, if you want to save your time and money then Subaito App is the best platform for you.

And if you are searching for part time jobs from home alternative then forget your all worries because you will find Subaito is better than craigslist for the reasons discussed above.

The top 3 points why you need to choose Subaito app for part time jobs

1 – Empower the students

How much do movers cost ? Tip N°1 : Through subaito app we want to empower students so that they can stand on their feet, they don’t depend on others to fulfil their expenses. Poverty and less money always become a barrier for the students to get higher education. We aim to strengthen our students and help to continue their studies in an honorable way.

They just need to show their passion and determination for their bright future and we are providing the key steps, walking on them they can achieve their goal.

2- Affordable rates

How much do movers cost ? Tip N°2 : In Subaito app you can find your required service by students  that’s why you have to pay them less as compared to any professional if you hired him. This means as everyone knows that a professional person regarding any field like graphic designing, virtual assistant, social media handler, nanny, car washer, model, photographer, mathematician or it might be content writing you have to pay them a handsome amount of money before getting their services physically or remotely.

But if you hire a student by using subaito.com it will be a money-saving decision of yours because you have to pay less money which will be a reasonable price.

3- Easily accessible

How much do movers cost ? Tip N°3 : The third and final point which is last but not the least,

This makes my first choice to select Subaito App for side jobs near me.

It’s just a single click away from your mobile. The only thing which you need to do is, install Subaito app on your mobile and select your required service student and here will be your required student either you want a physical presence or want to do your work remotely it’s all about your choice. Subaito is a very easy, affordable and have quick accessible app’s link.

Part time jobs – A last word

How much do movers cost ? Tip N°4 : Now at the end, we want to explain that our students and parents both are respectful for us. It is our priority to secure students interests.
We give confidence to students to use Subaito app to find their part time job at reasonable rates and flexible hours so that their study doesn’t disturb with their part time job and by doing this they will be able to pay their tuition fees by own and will be capable to stand on their own feet, means they don’t need to depend on their parents for financial assistance.


Can a student apply for part time jobs with subaito ?

How much do movers cost ? Tip N°5 : When they pay their fees on their own, a sense of responsibility will develop and they will be able to recognize their hidden talent or purpose of their life what they really want to do in life.
It will helpful in the future for them to how and which skill they need to polish or do work hard on it.
On the other hand, we also want to give confidence to parents and our other honorable users that use Subaito App to fulfill their needs related to any niche like product testing, distributing promoting flyers or pamphlets, social media manager, virtual assistance, content writing.
It is just 2 clicks away to get your required service.

Subaito is not only for part time jobs

How much do movers cost ? Tip N°6 : By using Subaito App you are not just fulfilling your requirements but also you play an important part in the growth of our Subaito community. Your interest in Subaito App encourages us and our student community that people are believing in them and hand over their tasks to them.

For part time jobs, Subaito is all about trust

How much do movers cost ? Tip N°7 : The most precious and beautiful feelings in this world are When someone show trust in you and give the responsibility of his worthful thing which matters a lot for him. Like parents do trust on a baby sitter and give him/her the responsibility of their child who are no doubt very dear to him. But all this possible just because of a relation of confidence, this is the thing which we are trying to maintain on our students through Subaito App

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