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Our top 5 selection of easy part time jobs

Oftentimes, having a complicated and not easy part time jobs while studying can be a combustible combination. Still, other times it proves to be a keystone to avoid the impending arrival of fanciful college fees. However, it can be stiff to get a job that permits the flexibility you need and this the time when a suitable part-time job comes in handy.

In an unblemished world, you’d be able to work full time, have a studies load, maintain a social life with overzealous determination. Unfortunately, we don’t live like that here.

Ever since the corona outbreak,

the ratio of unemployment has been increased, and personal savings benefits have begun to dwindle. Instead of hoping to get back to normal, it’s time to opt for alternative solutions. To save you from the physical calamities, the list of existing options is continuous, and the one to seriously contemplate is a part-time job.

Regardless, there are various legit ways to implement a part-time job in the hours where you find yourself on the loose.

Top 5 of online easy part time jobs 

An online part-time job might become a hedge that holds you over while applying for a full-time commitment. It can also be a consent slip to be more probing in your career and explore new paths that you may feel more aligned with towards your next move. Sounds appealing, right? Here’s a list of the ten easiest online part-time jobs that anyone can opt for.

1. Social media management:

If you can influence others through social media posts or get a lot of views on your vlog, then you might want to develop frugality in you by turning the activity into a part-time job.

The social media manager is our n°1 easy part time jobs, a social media manager is responsible for gathering an audience for the brands on social media, and engaging the audience in conversations and encourage them to provide their feedback. Social media influencers are bound to create brand awareness through the power of social media.

Average Salary: $20-$30 per hour.

subaito-social media manager part time jobs two-job-two

subaito- content creator

2. Transcriptionist:

Transcriptionists are our n°2 easy part time jobs : called for listening to several audio recordings and to note them down. The key point is to be exceptionally right, so you need to be attentive to every grim and gory detail. This part-time job prioritizes fast typewriters. The fast you write, the faster you will earn.

Average salary: $15-$20 per hour.

3. Freelance Writers or web-designers:

Freelancing career is one of the leading careers in the world, especially for students. Presently, freelancers are making more money by working part-time than a person can’t even make in a life time by a full time job. it’s one of our easy part time jobs. Whether you’ve amazing writing skills or a creative mind and contain the ability to bring you creativity in an actual world, you’ve been utterly capable of being a freelancer.

Average income: $19-$21 per hour.

Part time jobs subaito-Content-creator-four

Part time jobs subaito-Content-creator-four


4. Resume Writer:

Our N°4 easy part time jobs : Writing a resume might appear to be facile work, but people often find it hard to phrase their abilities picturesquely. In this regard, resume writers can be of immense importance as they know how to provide a shine on other’s accomplishments and their valuable experience.

Average Salary: $15-$25 per hour.

5. Online tutor:

If you’re good at studies and you want to help fellow students who are struggling to pass their courses, so you could even make a living by teaching them what you know, and in return, you can get a feasible tuition fee. Fortunately, with the aid of the internet, you won’t be limited to your geographical area. In fact, you can teach anyone globally. and this is our fifth easy part time jobs.

Average salary: $15-20 per hour.



Our selection of top 5 easy part time jobs from home

Just a few years ago, the various opportunity for work from home opportunities was far from profitable. Before the rise of the internet, it was inflexible to sort through the scams and the actual opportunities. Here’s a guide for you, that how anyone can get easy part time jobs from home.

1- Travel Agents:

Although the demand is expected to decrease over the coming generations, the opportunities are still available to convince their clients to plan their adventure with his company. The clients belong to their geographical location, or they met him through the internet, the part-time home job for a travel agent can be very profitable. It’s n°1 easy part time jobs.

Average salary: $17-$21 per hour.

Part time Jobs From Home subaito-travel-agent
tutoring jobs subaito-tutoring-jobs-2

2- Home Tutor:

Our n°2 easy part time jobs is Home tutor. If you’re good at teaching, you can opt for the teaching opportunities from home. Either you want to bring your students home or go to their place to teach them, the decision would be utterly yours. Teaching has proved to be a very feasible part-time home job.

Average Salary: $15-$50 per hour (Depends chiefly on the expertise) .

3- Sewing work from home:

Sewing from home regurgitated many lovely memories from the old decades when our mom and grandmother used to take advantage of it. Presently, it can still give in financial rewards to those with a great fashion sense.

However, there is no need to be a fashion designer or a style perfectionist to take the opportunity. Many facile sewing services that include repairs and alterations can also be accepted to provide work with consistency. Our n°3 easy part time jobs from home.

Average Salary: 17$-$21 per hour.


4- Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assistants make a valuable amount every month by working from home. This is our n°4 easy part time jobs. This is an exceptional part-time job, especially for students and homemakers. Services of a virtual assistant include handling social media platforms, dealing with the clients and fixing meetings with them.

Average salary: $15-$30 per hour.

5- IT Consultant:

If you’re a professional in a specific field, such as a lawyer or an accountant, consider sharing it with others. You can provide professional advice to small-scale business ventures on how to increase their sales or how to be environmentally friendly and get a penny in return. IT consultant is our last easy part time jobs of our selection.

Average Salary: $50-$100 per hour


Which criteria should help you choose the right part time jobs?

There was a time when working part-time from home was an illusion. However, presently there is a list of jobs from home that you can opt for. Whether that’s working feasibly part-time for a company or starting up your own brand, there’s no scarcity of part-time work from home opportunities.

In my opinion, going with the second option would be very profitable as well as relaxing for you. You can select your working hours according to your educational and sleeping routine, unlike the other one in which you have to follow the orders that don’t work out for you.

How Subaito App can help to find easy Part Time Jobs

Subaito is a platform that gathers a huge student community and provides them with opportunities to earn. Here’s a list of benefits that subaito provides to youth:

1- Aid you Remotely:

Instead of hiring professionals, subaito.com opts for the students that struggle to pay their college debts. You can find work and earn money according to your feasibility and availability, not reluctantly. Their tasks include babysitting, cashier, flyer, cleaning, pet sitting, and the list goes on.

2- Provide help in your living area:

No matter if you’re Pet walking for 1 or 2 hours, cleaning dishes, taking care of someone’s baby, washing the car or watering plants. Share your schedule with the community about the part-time job you can do and be available for your next mission.

3- Bring Professionalism:

You must never be hesitant to apply for any job, even if it looks difficult at first. Applying to any job will enhance your confidence, and subaito is made to bring confidence to the students.

subaito-students easy part time jobs

How to Apply for part time jobs in Subaito App ?

Using subaito is effortless, as it is utterly customizable. That’s something you failed to get on other applications. If you’ve started a business venture and need a student to assist you, you must follow the steps.

  1. You have to choose an accurate service.
  2. Find an available student in the same category.
  3. Make him understand the type of work that you’re expecting, and BOOM! You’re good to go.

There is no much on the application to choose. Just install the subaito application and enjoy the benefits.